Cut blooms


Caring for Your Cut Blooms

    all our tips and tricks for how & why.

You've had some floral love sent your way? Or you’re practicing a little self love & bought some blooms at your local florist? Whatever the case, you can make those babies last a whole lot longer with just a little bit of time & care.

Here we’ll take you through a simple step by step on how to better care for your cut blooms & give them their longest vase life.


Get your vase ready with clean, lukewarm, water. Read our ‘The Perfect Vase Collection’ to help you choose the best vase for your arrangement.

If you have bleach
, add a drop or two of into your vase - this will help keep bacteria from growing in the vase (it’s not enough to kill your blooms).


Next , on a bench or flat surface, lay your flowers down. With a loose grip, clasp your stems around the pivot point of the arrangement and unwrap your flowers. Some florist will tie string around their arrangements to hold it in place & some will not; we keep a loose grip on the stems because once you take that wrap off, the arrangement could lose its shape if it’s not tied.


Grab your snips/secateurs. They’ll need to be sharp so they don't crush the tiny vascular system in the stem.

Keeping your loose grip on the stems (we keep it loose so we do not snap any stems), grab your snips and on a 45 degree angle, cut an inch off the bottom of each stem. We cut on an angle for a couple of reasons - firstly because it creates more surface area on the stem for the flower to drink, and secondly, it prevents your flowers from sitting directly on the bottom of your vase, which will block water flow.

We don't want any loose foliage sitting in the water, it’ll create more bacteria in the vase and shorten the vase life of your flowers. If you still have foliage attached to your stems, leave them there - they’ll help the blooms with their hydration process.


They’re now ready for the vase. At this point you have a few options; you can cut the string and have your arrangement fan out, keep the string on and have a tighter arrangement, or you can get creative and rearrange your blooms yourself - totally up to you.


Now where to display your blooms? Although they’d look so lovely in the sunny window or just above the lit fireplace, your flowers are starting to wilt at the thought of it; they don’t like the heat. Also, keep them away from your fruit bowl; your fruit produces a gas that will make your blooms age quickly.

Keep them in a cool place, away from direct heat.


Flowers are very clever things, every couple of days the stems are going to create a seal where you had previously cut, making it tricky to stay hydrated. Re-cut your stems on an angle every second day, as well as changing the vase water with fresh, lukewarm water.


You’ve now properly loved & cared for your fresh cut blooms.


Enjoy them,





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