Bringing the outside inside

Bringing the outside inside!
Due to the current #isolife situation and many of us spending more time at home we have made a list of 5 fabulous and low maintenance plants to bring you back to nature. These can be purchased on our website and delivered straight to you or your loved ones door step.
The Fiddle Leaf fig (also known as the ficus lyrata) has been an extremely “on trend” indoor plant for the last 3 or so years and for good reason! With its large and lush veiny leaves, the fiddle leaf adds a sense of nature and peace to any indoor space.
They prefer a bright, well lit room but like to be positioned out of the direct sunlight. Allow the potting mix to dry out between each watering and add a controlled- release fertiliser in spring and a water-soluble fertiliser every month from spring to late summer.
Devils Ivy also commonly known as pothos are a trailing variety of plant featuring lush heart shaped leaves. With glossy green leaves these babies flourish indoors in bright lit rooms out of the direct sunlight. Regular watering once a week is required once the top soil has dried out.
Devils Ivy are also able to be easily propagated simply by cutting piece of them below a node and submerging it in water for up to 2 weeks until roots start to grow. Once the shoots have become visible plant the wine into soil to grow.
The Peace lily also commonly known by its botanical name Spathiphyllum probably takes top spot in easiest indoor plant to keep alive. Its long green lush leaves are perfect in adding a touch of green to any indoor living space.  
These plants are virtually perfect for any room in any condition around the house. In brightly lit or low light spots the peace lily is able to thrive in most conditions. Its important to keep the soil moist but not wet and let pot drain each time its been watered. If you’re lucky these plants will sprout elongated white flowers in the warmer months however they look just as beautiful without.
If you are wanting a long lasting, flowering indoor plant the Phalaenopsis orchid also known as a Moth orchid is the perfect plant. The flowers come in a variety of different colours and last for a good few months with very little care. These babies on need only a little watering once every week or two. Ideally, they like to be placed in a well-lit room but not indirect sunlight.
The Ruby has stunning ruby red/pink variegated leaves if you are after something a little different. These beautiful plants grow well indoors in a sunny position and like to be watered moderately throughout the warmer months and once every couple of weeks in the cooler months or when the soil has dried out.

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