The Perfect Vase Collection

The best way to showcase your fresh new blooms is by choosing the right vase. This is something I notice all to often when eating out or going to friends places the right size and shape vase can make or break an arrangement. Below I have listed 5 vases which should be present in every household and should perfectly and professionally present just about every type of bouquet you receive.
Narrow neck
The narrow neck is the perfect vase for flowers with a thinner stem. As the name suggest the vase is narrower at the top and wider at the bottom helping the flowers clinch together in the center and spray out to the sides.
Fish bowl vase
The fish bowl vase can be used for a low rounded posy arrangement. These are typically placed in the center of a dining or coffee table and can be viewed from all sides.  

Cylinder Vase
  The cylinder vase is a straight up and down glass vase. These are perfect for that statement piece which is a little more architectural in shape. They a best placed on a mantel, bench or entrance way and are typically viewed from one side.
Ceramic vase
Its always handy to have a cermaic vase in the cupboard. These are great for lazy people who forget to change the water every couple of days or even just to hide the stems if you wish!

The Bud vase
   Some people say less is more and that is certainly the case for the bud vase. These are a great vase to show off that one sweet, single flower picked from the garden. These are best placed on a small surface like a bed side table for maximum impact. 

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